Early Morning on Cannery Row

Early morning at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Early delivery on Cannery Row.
Bubba Gump Restaurant
Run Forest Run
This is my first time seeing a starfish in the ocean!

I hope you enjoyed these photos!

Angelica Flores

5 responses to “Early Morning on Cannery Row”

  1. I was station at Monterey for three years. 1991-1993. Monterey is paradise. And thank you for the photo.


    1. Oh wow! Thank you for sharing! Were you in the air force or army? When I wake up early to run on the trail, I see a lot of young people running. Monterey is absolutely beautiful!

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      1. I was in the Army. Monterey, the pier and beach. Was an amazing place to run upon dear Angelica.


    2. I agree! It’s a blessing to be able to live here!

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      1. You are very lucky. I will try to visit next years.


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