The Funeral

I couldn’t even grieve because some of them

were so angry

Mirrors were held to their face and they refused to look at what they’ve become

I didn’t have to say anything because their actions did all the talking

Everything they wanted to hide rose to the surface

Extended family members saw the truth

I was told they thought we were all perfect

To protect all the family secrets they lied more and more

The sadness was too deep that they believed their lies

They hurt people they supposedly love

I don’t think it was on purpose but hurt people hurt people

May God protect them and lift their sadness

May God protect me and mend my broken heart

My grandpa’s funeral was painful. I couldn’t even grieve because of how angry some of my family members were. Some of you were there and you finally saw people show their true colors. It was really sad. I am still recovering from the abuse and it feels like I haven’t been able to grieve my Pops. What’s crazy is that he visits me and we have conversations about what happened. He understands and honestly it’s what gets me through the days.

Angelica Flores

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