Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

It has been such a good day today. I have been trying hard to live a slower life. I just can’t handle having a million things to do and a hundred and one million people to see. It’s an exaggeration of course but I used to be that busy for no reason except to avoid my emotions.

Today I woke up late. Late for me is 9:00 am and I’m proud of myself. I keep reminding myself that there is no need to be “productive.” I had my virtual writing session today and it was amazing, like always. It’s fun for me to see the people I care about meet each other and bond through writing. If any of you would like to join let me know. I have writing sessions every other Sunday at 10:00 am pacific daylight time.

I went for a walk and decided to have lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant. I’m familiar with a few of the staff because I’m a regular. Rose, the waitress knows what I’m going to ask for now. I love being a regular there and I’m slowly meeting new people this way. I love it too because the restaurant is on the second floor and the balcony overlooks the ocean. There is an otter and seagull that float around and are constantly fighting. They’re regulars of that area too!

There is also a bird that likes to walk in the restaurant when the large doors are open to see if there is any food on the ground. It’s funny because when there aren’t a lot of people, it waits for the waiters to be in the back, and it happily walks in. I’ve seen this twice. One of the waitresses tells me that sometimes, it gets stuck there because they have large glass windows as walls and the bird sometimes can’t figure out how to get out. So, the staff has to grab a towel and carry it out. How funny!

Now I’m sitting here writing to all of you. I don’t have anything else planned but I do have the urge to continue writing. I’m having such a fun time sharing my Sunday with you!

How is your Sunday going? I would like to hear what your day has been like.

Thank you for following my blog!


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