Good Morning!

Good morning and happy Saturday!

I have been awake since five in the morning. It doesn’t matter that it’s the weekend. My body knows what it wants and it wants me wide awake. I wrote a few poems. I will be posting a few throughout the day so keep an eye out.

I also updated my website and included a publications page. I have been published in other places. I will add them soon.

Today, I will be staying in. It is windy and raining.

I have been decluttering all last week. I own less things than most people I know but more than i’d like.

I also finally subscribed to Vogue and I will spend some time looking through it.

I may write a lot today so if I bombard you with posts, well I hope you read them.

Side note…I hope to make my home look like a home soon so I can include pictures in these posts.

Also, I like seeing work spaces so if you’d like to share where you sit and write your masterpieces, please comment with a picture of you space. It’s exciting to me. lol


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