He Haunts Me In My Dreams

I have unfinished business with you it seems
I don’t even talk to you anymore
But. You. Keep. Showing. Up. In. My. Dreams!
I don’t have control over this
I don’t want you to take over when I’m asleep
When we first met, I saw you across the room and it felt like I knew you
We were at a party, we played a game, and we were drawn to each other
You felt the same way because you gravitated towards me too
We didn’t say a word
The game required that we touch
That we reach towards a stranger and we reached for each other over and over again
We may have met in another lifetime
The electricity between us was intense
And by the end of the night we kissed
In the middle of the living room
Who knows who was watching
Every encounter after that was me and you in a room
When our eyes locked no one else existed

Angelica Flores

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