LAundry and a Date

I’m writing this at 3:59 am. I have a date at 8:00 am but I didn’t do laundry! I planned to wake up at 5:00 am to start washing but I guess this will do.

I don’t like doings things last minute but here I am, waiting until the last moment hoping I am going to make it.

By the time I post this, I’ll be on the date hopefully having a good time. Fingers crossed. We have talked over the phone for two weeks already and I’ve seen his pictures.

I normally won’t share this type of thing but since you’ve read my poetry, well… we’ve practically bonded and you know me more than most people.

The internet is amazing by the way. You all are amazing.

Well wish me luck! Let me know if you’d like to know how it goes.

P.S. Wouldn’t it be funny if he looked me up and found this post. Actually I’d be embarrassed but only for a few seconds. It’s my life and my blog.

Dear date,

If you’re respectful, then you have nothing to worry about.


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