God Is Good!

I realized that my faith has to be greater than anything or I won’t live a good life.

This year I learned to let go and let God and my life has changed. I didn’t know if I was going to have a job, be able to pay rent, and still be able to rest.

God kept telling me to pause and I’d get so upset.

“How do you want me to pause if you see the stress I’m in? I don’t want to be homeless again!”

So the past year, I stood still, I prayed, and I listened. I actually got answers. I’ve never been this close to God, but I was given guidance and the answers were clear and in my face.

Sure enough, everything that I was told would happen happened. It went down completely differently than what I had imagined and even asked for, but it was what I prayed for.

Let me know if you want detailed stories about my spiritual journey because the stories I have for you are juicy. lol


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