He’s Watching Over Me

I believe in synchronicities. I have been seeing angel numbers everywhere, multiple times a day.


Double digits, triple digits, pairs of double digits…

I see these numbers everywhere. I also pray to my grandfather, and the past two days, he has shown me he is with me especially at work.

My co-workers have already mentioned (in two days) my grandpa’s favorite show, his favorite pan dulce, favorite candy, and one of my co-workers has played his favorite songs. Can you guess which co-worker that is? Yes, the one I wrote about in one of my previous posts, My Second Day at my New Job.

That same co-worker even used a few sayings my grandpa would say. There is one in particular that I haven’t heard anyone in the states use. The only other person that uses that phrase is my grandpa’s brother and he lives in Mexico.

At work, I received a list of businesses and one of them had the name of my grandpa’s favorite local grocery store in Stockton. It’s not a common name like the chain grocery stores or supermarkets have.

On top of that, I saw my grandparents address, the home I was raised in, on one of the accounts except the city was different.

I can keep going on and on giving you examples of more synchronicities, but I know that my grandpa is communicating with me, letting me know that he’s watching over me.


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