Happy Friday!

I hope you’re having a good night! I am sitting in my living room enjoying my alone time. My roommate isn’t here so it’s nice to have the place to myself. I ordered take out from El Pollo Rey in Seaside. For me, It’s the best chicken in the area hands down. I also had beans charro style, rice, onions, chiles toreados, tortillas de harina, and nopalitos. It was a feast!

Now I get to chill in my home with my jean shorts unbuttoned and my lonjitas out. Lol Who doesn’t like breathing?

Can I tell you what I am going to do over the weekend? I am playing pétanque for the first time with the members of the Alliance Française de Monterey. Oh yeah, did I ever tell you that I’m trilingual?

I have no idea how to play this French game but I’m excited to learn. Maybe I will take pictures tomorrow and show you!

I know I was supposed to be on a longer break but I’ve missed posting on this blog and sharing my stories and poetry with all of you.

Plus, I like this style where I am telling you a little bit about my life.

Have a good night!


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