I Didn’t Realize How Hard Writing About Love Was Going To Be For Me

I planned to submit to a literary magazine, but the topic is memories and love. I didn’t realize how hard writing about love was going to be for me. I tried to think back to a time where I felt like I was loved deeply or when I was surrounded by love and not a single memory came up. Not. One.

Apparently, I am not ready to write about anything else that is not about the pain. I am still in it. I am still grieving.

I wanted to change course and write about self-love, but I couldn’t do that either.  So, I wrote this poem instead :

It’s hard for me to write about love after being hurt by the people that I love deeply

I pulled back and took my love from wherever I had it

Castigue a los que no lo merecían   

Hasta me castigue a mi misma

I held on to my love

Terrified of making a mistake again

I told myself that I’d give it to myself  

But love doesn’t work that way

Love is meant to be shared

I know this is a sad way to start up my blog again but it’s what I am feeling today and I’m going to honor that.

Thank you for sticking around and I’m excited to share more of my writing with you.


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