Message Received

When I had a therapist, she told me to pay attention to my dreams. It is my subconscious relaying information about myself. The odd thing is that my sister told me this morning that she had a dream and her dream was similar to one I had two days ago. What are the odds? I don’t believe in coincidences.

What my sister shared was also a confirmation regarding something I’ve been thinking about for two months now and it’s wildly specific that it can only come from Source. Mind you, I hadn’t told my sister about what I’ve been thinking about or the dream I had. I also want to add that my sister and I are twins so maybe there’s a special connection there?

This is not to say that all my dreams are spiritual because I know they’re not but something is brewing in the spiritual world and Source really wanted to relay a message to me. Well today, I received it.


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