Monterey, CA

I went for a walk this morning but I had to come back because there is currently a Tsunami warning and visitors were advised to leave the beach. The water was higher than usual and the waves seemed a bit angry but the view was beautiful! Enjoy! Lovers Point Thank you for following my blog. [...]


I know I said I was going to take a break from posting but not writing and not posting right away doesn't feel right. I feel like I can't just let my poems sit there. I feel like I NEED to share them with you. I also realized I'm not good at sitting with my [...]


I've had an interesting relationship with toxicity I've othered it as if it was not a part of me As if what I've experienced had nothing to do with me and everything to do with them As if I didn't have a role to play in my suffering Angelica Flores


I spoke up in a gloomy roomAnd ears listenedEmpathy entered And all was forgivenMy issues were addressed one by oneI was an advocate for myself for onceI wrote everything that was discussedAnd I left knowing I won't ever let it get this far Angelica Flores


It's as if I could finally get out of this skin I wore that wasn't mine I started peeling away slowly The insecurities went first Then the hurt And after it the guilt I continued to peel away at much more I will not deny that it stung But it's hard to get rid of [...]