What If?

I think about one and one only I was almost fully in love I closed my eyes and our foreheads touched His beautiful dark arms embraced me We were in the middle of a busy store And in that moment and in that place No one else existed I felt like the luckiest girl in [...]


Do you know when you accidentally step on glass...You wonder which hurt person caused all of this fussYou never see it happening but there's proof of itThe broken alcohol bottles are sprinkled down the roadLike wild daisies except the alcohol hurtsYou think about the damage a simple bitter taste has causedOn organs, on bodies, on [...]

A Hopeful Night

I met with the moon last night It was unplanned And we were alone It kissed me with the dimness of its light A kiss so tender Like lovers who know they’ll never see each other again It spoke of hope And it told me that even evil needs to rest I look towards home [...]


Sirens Sirens have become background noise The never-ending tune The theme song to my childhood I dance to their shrieks Like blood dances on pavement When hearts have stopped And mouths stopped breathing I wrote this poem when I moved back to my hometown Stockton. I was used to living in a small college town [...]