There's just something Something about… That makes me feel safe  I bury my head on… Chest  And I stay there for a few seconds  I never wanted someone else or others to be my safety  I think that is an unfair expectation  But the world scared me partially stuck and almost numb Unable to make [...]

Speak Up

When you've been silenced for so longIt's easy to believe that you don't have a voiceThat you're not strong enough to speak in rooms that have people that continue to erase youTake up spaceThere's enough room in the world for youSpeak even when your voice shakes and cracksEven when you feel like you may not [...]

Im Not Here To…

I'm not here to please youI'm not here to heal youYou cannot treat my skin like your blanketYou cannot throw it off of you when you've received all of the warmth that you needMy warmth and my body are mine and mine onlyIf I invite you to share space with meThat is because I expect [...]


When my hair starts looking like snow I want my smile to look like sunshine I want my eyes to have hope I want laughter to take over After my body has rested I want silence to be welcomed And the good memories to stomp on the bad ones I want salsa playing in the [...]

Wild Woman

Wild woman I keep you caged still I hear you clawing at my insides You're getting stronger I suspect that one day I won't be able to contain you I'm truly sorry for not listening to you The world taught me that I shouldn't give in to my desires That is how I was told [...]

What If?

I think about one and one only I was almost fully in love I closed my eyes and our foreheads touched His beautiful dark arms embraced me We were in the middle of a busy store And in that moment and in that place No one else existed I felt like the luckiest girl in [...]