I am having trouble belonging to my body This fact is not new I can hear my mother screaming at me “I can’t do anything about it!” She was in shock that I believed that she had power Power over her words Power over her actions Power over her life Power over her body Patriarchy [...]

Jail Bars

Jail barsCages for humans who committed crimesMade mistakesBut no one is born meanNo one is born a murdererIt’s a punish them type of societyBut never a punish the systems that created these circumstancesBlack and brown bodies behind barsCome with dark pastsDark storiesStories that wrote themselves with black and brown children as main charactersVictims of cycles [...]

Dark World

The nation woke up but the nightmares won't disappear  The darkness covers our light And when we wake up, we still see darkness even after the sun comes up We cry ourselves to sleep And we cry ourselves awake The moments in between seem like worlds away and time goes slow and then it speeds [...]


I have out-of-body experiences oftenMy body hasn’t belonged to me in a long timeI feel like I’m renting out my organsMy stomach and chest won’t let me back inI haven’t paid my duesAll that my body requires is loveBut I don’t have enoughIt’s the same shit every monthMy trauma doesn’t let me live with myself [...]