• Blame It On The Retrograde…Sike, It’s Me.

    My astrology obsessed friends keep telling me that Mercury Retrograde is causing a lot of chaos so if I am experiencing any heavy emotions, I can blame it on the retrograde. Even my therapist told me not to make any impulsive decisions until after June 22nd. Did I listen? Of course not! Surprisingly, this month, […]

  • Write Your Story

    I came to visit my Tia Rebecca in New Mexico. I love that she tells me stories about my ancestors. She also shares chisme about my living relatives. Luckily for them, I don’t know them too well. I also don’t judge them. I am just here to listen. I like learning about their lives and […]

  • Have You Ever?

    Have you ever felt detached from yourself? You see yourself from afar and your thoughts have divorced your body You are in one piece because your heart continues to beat, suprisingly Even though it seems like the dum dum dum that keeps you alive is miles away It’s like you’re the prayer and the devil […]

  • I Already Mourned Our Ending

    Love poems were never my type of poems I already mourned our ending Time passed by and all of my wounds mended And then you reached out Your voice was like a knife And there goes my wounds Opening up again Still, I am proud They didn’t open as wide And the pain subsided after […]