Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday y'all! For those of you that recently started reading my poetry and following my blog, welcome! I hope that you decide to stay subscribed and that you enjoy all of the poetry I will be sharing with you! For those of you that have been following me for a while now, please know [...]

The Lowest Point

I wrote this in December of 2020 : I don’t want to look back anymore. Unfortunately, the future is fogged with uncertainty and possibility of death. I am terrified and I must learn to live in this body full of pain and dread. What do I have left? The present. In the present, tears run [...]


I wrote the following in December 2020 : I will not write about my past. I tried and tried but my tears kept smudging the pages and my pen refused to keep going. It refused to continue in such chaos. I sat there for hours looking at the ruined paper wishing my stories would come [...]