Sirens Sirens have become background noise The never-ending tune The theme song to my childhood I dance to their shrieks Like blood dances on pavement When hearts have stopped And mouths stopped breathing I wrote this poem when I moved back to my hometown Stockton. I was used to living in a small college town [...]

Even In Times Of Trauma

Even in times of trauma, the sun comes upSmiles appear although it may seem rareEven in times of trauma, a hurt heart can be hopefulAnd where there is hope there is an understanding that living different is an optionThe trauma just makes you believe that you have no other choiceEven in times of trauma you [...]

Our Sadness

Our sadness becomes a bridge to our love It isn't ideal but at least we are still connected I cry every day because you cannot give me what I need and I can't give you what you want Still, I'd rather weep with you by my side than be without you Our sadness becomes a [...]


Why?!Why couldn't you stay away?!Every conversation we did not have is manifesting itself in my body and it is painfulLike if someone is tearing every single one of my limbs apartThat someone is you and you're still not doneIt has been over ten years of this tortureI've cried like I've never cried for you beforeI [...]

Time Must Pass

My emotions grab a hold of my penBut they fail to write anything coherentAnd it feels like I'm throwing up wordsI only see small pieces of what I'm feeling clearlyUnfortunately I don't have a bigger pictureTime must pass for me to truly understandMyself and all that is inside of me Angelica Flores


I'm recovering in love I'm nurturing my relationship with Mother Earth Laughter shows up as much as the sun comes up I am surrounded by storytelling I am surrounded by trust Manual labor has brought be back to my body Curiosity killed my suffering I wander in hxstory And the spirits are teaching me how [...]