Do you know when you accidentally step on glass...You wonder which hurt person caused all of this fussYou never see it happening but there's proof of itThe broken alcohol bottles are sprinkled down the roadLike wild daisies except the alcohol hurtsYou think about the damage a simple bitter taste has causedOn organs, on bodies, on [...]

A Hopeful Night

I met with the moon last night It was unplanned And we were alone It kissed me with the dimness of its light A kiss so tender Like lovers who know they’ll never see each other again It spoke of hope And it told me that even evil needs to rest I look towards home [...]


Sirens Sirens have become background noise The never-ending tune The theme song to my childhood I dance to their shrieks Like blood dances on pavement When hearts have stopped And mouths stopped breathing I wrote this poem when I moved back to my hometown Stockton. I was used to living in a small college town [...]


White and black magic  Black cats  Stillness  The devil is ready to come and play  The angels watch us They are stressed   We don’t dress like ourselves  But we are who we don’t want the world to see   Trick or treat Candy filled teeth  Scary movies  Nightmares and shivers  Nervous laughs  Fake bloody hands  Halloween  [...]

The Veil Was Lifted

The veil was liftedReality struckI was stuck in a dream worldIt was a survival instinctA coping mechanismAnd now I'm ready to tear down the wallsI built to protect myself from harmI have to truly seeThe environment that surrounds meAnd I'll now get to chooseWhat I need to walk away from for goodAnd slowly build the [...]

Hello Again

Hello everyone! It is 9:07 pm where I am and I am exhausted. I have been watching a reality tv show to not think about anything. It's odd because after hours of watching entertaining tv, I feel like I wasted my life. I have these feelings but I continue to watch. It feels like I [...]


It's the end of the work day and my energy is drained. I talk to many people in one day. At the end of my shift, all I want to do is lay in bed and think about nothing, say nothing, and do nothing. When I try to obtain peace, my thoughts start racing. You [...]

Ya Basta

I will not be gaslightedMy words will not be pressured to form into ideas that do not belong to my tongueMy choices do not need evidence to existAnd my emotions refuse to be made littleMy body will take up spaceAnd I will not apologize for any of the changes my body has gone throughI will [...]

Even In Times Of Trauma

Even in times of trauma, the sun comes upSmiles appear although it may seem rareEven in times of trauma, a hurt heart can be hopefulAnd where there is hope there is an understanding that living different is an optionThe trauma just makes you believe that you have no other choiceEven in times of trauma you [...]

She Is Ready

She lays in bed Reflects on the life she has lived  She smells the bouquet of flowers next to her bed  The sun kisses her beautiful skin The shade of a chrysanthemum stone  She has decided to give in to her desires  The physical and the spiritual  She takes the black satin cloth that has [...]

Our Sadness

Our sadness becomes a bridge to our love It isn't ideal but at least we are still connected I cry every day because you cannot give me what I need and I can't give you what you want Still, I'd rather weep with you by my side than be without you Our sadness becomes a [...]


Firme When a person’s values are not the same as yours When you feel the fence around you start to crumble because others don’t know how to stay in their lane Firme When you take up space in a place that does not see you as worthy When the phone calls start pouring in because [...]

Late Night Thoughts

We all deserve to be our authentic self. It’s hard for me to know what that looks like though. Being raised as a caretaker forced me to put the “self” that is supposed to exist in my body last. It was my least priority and my sense of “self” abandoned me. It left me alone [...]

Weeping Willow

Drawing by Monica Flores The weeping willow across the street Stared at us from the front door neighbors yard I would sit on the porch and watch its leaves flow in the wind as my tears trickled down my cheek It's like if the weeping willow knew my home was filled with sadness And although [...]


Sometimes it feels like I'm playing catch up while my trauma fucks with me and places traps for me along the road. My trauma laughs at me every chance it gets and doesn't seem to see how hurt I am and how difficult things can be for me. I stand in anger and when that [...]


Why?!Why couldn't you stay away?!Every conversation we did not have is manifesting itself in my body and it is painfulLike if someone is tearing every single one of my limbs apartThat someone is you and you're still not doneIt has been over ten years of this tortureI've cried like I've never cried for you beforeI [...]

What A Fool

And once again I'm a foolYou opened the gates to the pastAnd I just walked throughYou shut them right behind meAnd now I'm stuckAnd you get to live in the presentWhile I destroy myself by walking down the same path I walked years ago Angelica Flores

Something Bigger

Silence has been my biggest mentorI hear my thoughts very clearlyI know when my body is sending me messagesAnd my dreams guide me to where I need to goI learned that I may have a giftI must wait patiently to see how it developsIt is a possibility that I will see more clearlyGod is preparing [...]

Time Must Pass

My emotions grab a hold of my penBut they fail to write anything coherentAnd it feels like I'm throwing up wordsI only see small pieces of what I'm feeling clearlyUnfortunately I don't have a bigger pictureTime must pass for me to truly understandMyself and all that is inside of me Angelica Flores


I'm recovering in love I'm nurturing my relationship with Mother Earth Laughter shows up as much as the sun comes up I am surrounded by storytelling I am surrounded by trust Manual labor has brought be back to my body Curiosity killed my suffering I wander in hxstory And the spirits are teaching me how [...]

Write Your Story

I came to visit my Tia Rebecca in New Mexico. I love that she tells me stories about my ancestors. She also shares chisme about my living relatives. Luckily for them, I don't know them too well. I also don't judge them. I am just here to listen. I like learning about their lives and [...]

Full Self

I stepped outside today I was my full self A hummingbird flew by To remind me that the beauty of this world never left Even though I haven't forgiven myself for my mistakes My guilt did not stop me from saying all that I needed to say I laughed and drank wine My mask was [...]

Momma Moon

The moon waves at a distance It has been my companion all along Only the moon knows all that has happened And like a mother, she comes out to wish me luck on my next adventure I'll see her again probably tomorrow She may be full tomorrow Or maybe the day after that I am [...]

I Am

I’m a scattered brain I’m a lover An overthinker A lover of words including French words I am hopeful once again I think about colonization, oppression, and ways to fight the system often I like fiction but I read biographies and self-help books by womxn of color Men don’t impress me but I love it [...]